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The women in these inspiring, award-winning novels will leave you strong, confident, empowered, and in control.

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Returning Injury and The Dumpster inspired me to create the I'm Upset! app for women. I loved how Rebecca (from Returning Injury) checked in with herself—something I've learned to do over the years. I also loved how Nicole (from The Dumpster) had two amazing friends—Renee, who gave her tough love and Roxanne who was gentle and loving. These characters inspired me! You can download I'm Upset! for only 99¢

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Perfect Gift for Young Women... All Women.
The Woman's Handbook: Everything You Want to Say to Your Daughter, Sister, Niece, Friend in One Simple Book.

I started "daily challenges" for fun, inspiration, but especially to connect with others. If you'd like to join us or just take a look, you can find our daily challenges on my Blog. We'd love to have you join us!

Daily Challenges... Inspirations... Reminders... That we are amazing... Life is amazing!

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