The Women in My Books Are Never Rescued By Men, They Rescue Themselves. 
~Becky Due

Angie doesn't want to be a victim anymore. Deep down what she hopes for most is to find a good man to love and to feel safe and protected in this crazy world... but her fears take her down the wrong path. Angie befriends other women down on their luck and they team up to get revenge. Can Angie let go of her pain and escape the Cycle of Abuse? Will she and her friends go too far to get revenge? Will Angie find the love and protection she's looking for?
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Nicole is an average American woman who is looking for love in all the wrong places with all the wrong men. Who would have guessed that the dumpster below her bedroom window would hold the key to finding real love? Will Nicole stop falling in love with every man she meets? Will she solve her pattern of self-destruction and stop letting men use her?
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Christy's secret is forcing her to avoid love and relationships. If only she had made better choices, respected her body and slowed down enough to realize what she truly wanted... Love. Will Christy face her past so she can look forward to her future? Can she open her heart and let somebody in? Will Christy let somebody love her?
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Amanda's life is suddenly turned upside down when her husband tells her he wants a divorce. She realizes she no longer knows who she is - her life revolved around her husband. At age 40, she finds herself divorced, living in an apartment with a roommate, with little education and no career path. Will she find the career of her dreams? Can Amanda heal her pain and find love again? To get your copy of Traveling for Love, click here.

Rebecca is happily married, loves her career, but she has one huge problem—a stalker. Home alone, and feeling like she's going crazy, she has to learn how to take back her life and regain her strength. Will Rebecca ever feel safe again and stop living in fear? Can she protect herself? Is she going to lose her mind... or her life?
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