2 Days to Healthy Self-Esteem

This short, 8-step booklet will quickly boost your self-esteem, so you can get on with your busy life--empowered!

  • Discover the power you have over your life.
  • Avoid self-destructive behavior.
  • Have less fear and more confidence in everything you do.
  • Have healthy relationships with mutual love and respect.
  • Have more energy and ambition to create the life you want.

Five Star Reviews

"Great read. Insightful a keeper. For the days I feel less of myself. It's true that u should keep yourself around positive people. My father has an addiction and his behavior is always negative. I love him but at a distance. I will that pray change happens for him."

"Self Esteem Short and sweet! Straight to the point!"

"Healthy self-esteem Easy read and to the point, enjoy read with a open mind."

"2 days to healthy self-esteem Good book I found it help full will read it again especially when down lots of advice on outlook in life."

"Sound Advice positive uplifting and to the point."

"Healthy self-esteem Quick and an easy read. Basic and 2 the point especially when feeling low n lack concentration."

"2 Days To Healthy Self-Esteem Excellent, succinct, to the point, encouraging and highly motivating!"

"It fell from the eBook sky. I was on a negative stage of mind do to my Work and couldn't sleep well for two weeks and this came into my recommendation list just as I needed something to bring back my mental health. The world is a wonderful place this autumn night. Thank you for the great messages the book provided me."

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